Welcome to the Maui WebSDR and WSPRdaemon system, now with more geckos!

Undergoing testing...

On the 6th of March 2024 the Wailuku MauiSDR/KiwiSDR/WSPR site was powered down and disassembled.

We have now deployed the stripped down hardware at a new location! Please read below for updates.

In the future please navigate here first (

Please keep in mind we were originally looking to a future with NO Maui SDR, so the current system is better than nothing problems and all.

If you would like to give the new system a try, click below

The sad: After five years of experimentation and many fun projects we are saying aloha and mahalo to the Wailuku radio location due to the sale of the property on which it resides. It was quite an effort taking a large pantry rack of RF equipment and shrinking it down to a solar powered box on an island with little access to parts, but we sure tried.

The good: We have a new location above the Kahakuloa valley where new equipment is currently deployed.

The bad: Due to the cleanout for the property sale we did not have ready access to components or any further parts to construct additional hardware and filters. We are very grateful to have had ready access to a new site, however the equipment is collocated with a local wireless internet provider and is very RF noisy. We made what efforts could be done within the time constraints of those on site during this last trip, but still have a long ways to go.

If you have an accessible site on this side of the island with commercial power and a good internet connection with no nearby transmitters, we would love to hear from you.

The "NEW" system

The new MauiSDR consists of a tiny AMD Ryzen based server connected to a wideband USB3 based ADC. Unfortunately is has become apparent that the solar powered site is insufficient to keep the hardware up reliably. As such it is prone to outages during local night until the solar generation catches up. This also means the linux system is rebooted almost daily and is at great risk of corruption. We will remotely do what is reasonable to keep the site up, but long term we are still looking for other candidates in Hawaii to deploy this hardware. A location is needed away from any potential noise makers (e.g. micro-inverter or optimizers on solar arrays)